Writing Skills Earn Lausanne Students Multiple Awards At Wordsmith Competition
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Writing Skills Earn Lausanne Students Multiple Awards At Wordsmith Competition

Lausanne Middle and Upper Schoolers showcased the power of the written word recently when they competed in the 2021 Wordsmith Writing Olympics.

The annual contest, hosted by the University of Memphis and held virtually this year, allows students to challenge their extensive writing skills through a series of competitive events. 

"The virtual Wordsmith Writing contests were so unique in their presentation this year but Lausanne students still demonstrated their amazing creativity," said Middle School Language Arts teacher Ginger Reece. "We are so proud of our contestants, who jumped right in and volunteered to write for fun."

The Students faced writing prompts that require quick responses and steadfast clarity. However, our Lynx were up for the challenge, and many progressed to the final round, earning multiple awards. Lausanne's eighth-graders also walked away with a 3rd Place School Trophy and our ninth-graders with a 1st Place School Trophy. 

"It turns out that WordSmith was extra challenging in a pandemic, but Lausanne students still rose to the occasion," said Upper School English teacher Wade Linebaugh. "With less prep than usual and a brand-new format, our writers still showed off their skills and made their mark on the competition. I couldn't be prouder of the whole group!"

Lausanne Middle Schoolers took home various awards, including an Honorable mention in the seventh-Grade 120-Word Dash for Olivia Pompe '26 and Honorable Mentions 120-Word Dash and 400-Word Main Event for Isobel Gale '26. For our eight-grade competitors, Emma Kerr '25 used her written talents to snag 2nd Place in the 80-Word Dash, and McCool Cates '25 added to the list of achievements with 3rd Place in the 400-Word Main Event. 

In Upper School, Shromona Malhotra '24 swept the competition for ninth Grade, earning 2nd Place in the 120-Word and 80-word dash, 1st Place in the 400-Word Main Event and a Gold Medal. Eleventh-Grade student Sophia Holland '22 expanded the Upper School Awards in an impressive way for 11th Grade by earning a Silver Medal and 2nd Place in the 400-Word Main Event. 

"These students have an innate gift of understanding language and how to express emotion through words to bring their stories to life," said Seventh-Grade Language and Literature teacher Brianna Whitmore. "The WordSmith Writing Olympics gave our students a platform to showcase their creativity. I am so proud of the creative writing skills that these students displayed throughout the competition and for the awards that they earned."


2021 Wordsmith Competition Winners:

  • 120-Word Dash, Honorable Mention: Olivia Pompe '26
  • 120-Word Dash, Honorable Mention: Isobel Gale '26
  • 400-Word Main Event, Honorable Mention: Isobel Gale '26
  • 80-Word Dash, 2nd Place: Emma Kerr '25
  • 400-Word Main Event, 3rd Place: McCool Cates '25
  • 120 Word Dash, 2nd Place: Shromona Malhotra '24
  • 80-Word Dash, 2nd Place (tie): Shromona Malhotra '24
  • 400-Word Main Event, 1st Place: Shromona Malhotra '24
  • Gold Medalist: Shromona Malhotra '24 
  • 400-Word Main Event, 2nd Place: Sophia Holland '22
  • Silver Medalists: Sophia Holland '22 
Posted by Shayne Dotson at 10:00