Middle and Upper Schoolers Take On Still Life Painting
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Middle and Upper Schoolers Take On Still Life Painting

Currently in the Upper School hallway is an art exhibit of studies painted in the atelier by direct observation of still life props.

"All students painting in color took into consideration both the artistic and scientific facets of color theory," IB Visual Arts & Director of the Michelangelo Project/Atelier Kate Manzo said. "The latter required an understanding of the importance of the wavelength of light."

Limited palettes were used for all the oil studies. The monochromatic oil paintings, closed grisailles, were painted with just white and ivory black or white and a “rich black”- one which is mixed from at least two pigments. The color oil studies were painted with limited color palettes challenging the artists to achieve as wide a color gamut as possible by maximizing the color space of only five pigments.

In addition, a reproduction of hand and foot studies drawn by advanced atelier artist Tevy Byrd '20 is on display. Each was drawn from life by direct observation of the model in graphite, and then electronically assembled into a compilation.

:: A Call for Models ::

Can you sit still and hold a pose for 20 – 25 minutes? If so, we want you! And you can keep your shoes on . . . promise! Volunteer models are needed to pose for atelier artists.

Bonus! If you are a junior or senior, your posing qualifies for CAS hours.

Please contact Ms. Manzo for details

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