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Middle School Announces House Election Results

When it comes to the Middle School House System, election week has become an annual favorite that students look forward to each year. 

During the House Elections process, middle schoolers have the opportunity to showcase their leadership skills through student-driven campaigns. Students can run for House Prefects in 5th through 7th grade and the prestigious House Head in eighth grade. 

This year was a little different because students couldn't do as much face-to-face campaigning, but that didn't stop all 59 student-candidates from going above and beyond to ensure their voices were heard and remembered on voting day. 

The process of running a lively election campaign is an excellent opportunity for students to practice many of the essential life skills they are learning in Middle School. Before everyone voted, students created campaign speech videos addressing their house members and the Middle School as a whole.

"It is so exciting to see how our MS students have taken on the challenge to become leaders of their Houses this year," said Middle School Learning Specialist and Student Life Coordinator Julie Cooper. "This is a time where many could become discouraged because we can't do the type of House activities they are used to doing. Instead, these student leaders are excited about the challenge to be creative and they can't wait to make this year fun and competitive in the House system. It is going to be a great year for our House system!"

Once elected, the House Council consists of eight student representatives from each grade level responsible for planning and implementing House Activities and communicating with their House members to get their ideas and share plans back to their House members.

House election winners:

  • 5th Grade Cottingham
    • Roshail Jawaad
    • Kylie Roberson
  • 5th Grade Lendenwood
    • Connor Phalin
    • Violet Kadien
  • 5th Grade Massey
    • Hank Smith
    • Gillian Parker
  • 5th Grade Monmouth
    • Ty Gant
    • Isabella Pizzimenti
  • 6th Grade Cottingham
    • Max Chi
    • Shanaya Pokharna
  • 6th Grade Lendenwood
    • Rex Levy
    • Caylie Jordan
  • 6th Grade Massey
    • Sohum Shah
    • Tahlia Hamze
  • 6th Grade Monmouth
    • Nicholas Thompson
    • Mya Clark
  • 7th Grade Cottingham
    • Celley Davis
    • K Davis
  • 7th Grade Lendenwood
    • Vikram Srinivas
    • Claudia Harris
  • 7th Grade Massey
    • Thomas McGowan
    • Bree Henry
  • 7th Grade Monmouth
    • Andrew Sumpter
    • Emily Bomar
  • 8th Grade Cottingham
    • Nick Hoffman
  • 8th Grade Lendenwood
    • Brad Salas
    • Emma Kerr
  • 8th Grade Massey
    • Hugh Parker
    • Jacqueline Beeber
  • 8th Grade Monmouth
    • Zayne Aqraa
    • Kaylee Alford