Middle School Art Students Feature Photography In Virtual Gallery
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Middle School Art Students Feature Photography In Virtual Gallery

Eighth-grade art students at Lausanne are working on a "forced perspective photography" assignment for teacher Geri Floyd's class and posting their finished work in a virtual art gallery.

"The purpose of this lesson for my students was to get them thinking creatively while utilizing the technology that they had on hand while at home," Floyd said. "Their cell phones and computers could be used in a different way while we all are online learning during this time."

Floyd said she was hoping the students would get excited to have an open-ended choice of subject matter to photograph. 

"Whether they chose an outdoor pic or inside photo while collaborating with their family, I knew the students would come up with some fabulous options" Floyd said. 

Forced perspective photography is used to make viewers believe that certain objects are smaller or larger than they really are. It is the manipulation of human visual perception. Some call it optical illusions.

"Taking a forced perspective photo is not difficult and does not require any special skills," Floyd said. "My student's skills with technology and their camera usage made a perfect match for this assignment."

Students were able to try different things out, experiment, and work with the scenery. The process involved taking many photos to get the process down while also using unique objects in photography.

"Composing photos with hilarious elements is always interesting," Floyd said. 

The students' artwork will be featured on the website artsonia.com, where students and others will be able to view their work as well as their classmate's projects.

"Artsonia is a wonderful, student-friendly website that showcases student's work and shares their artworks with their classmates and family members," Floyd said.

The Lausanne community can check out the art and add comments of support for each art piece by clicking here