Middle School Girls Showcase Talents On Basketball Court
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Middle School Girls Showcase Talents On Basketball Court

Seventy-three wins. Two losses. All in four years' time. 

An undefeated regular season with a Turkey Shoot championship as well as winning the championship in the MAM (Memphis Athletic Ministries) 8th-grade girls division tournament. 

To say the Lausanne Lady Lynx 7/8 grade girls basketball team is special is an understatement. 

"After battling through adversities such as illness and injury to make it to this point, their ability to push through those adversities combined with their passion for the game makes them very special," head coach Pam Pointer said. 

"We did something that no other middle school girls team has ever done," Jinnda Kane '24 said. "From winning championships to breaking records, we have left a legacy at our school."

Thursday evening at Grace-St. Luke's in Midtown was, unfortunately, one of those two losses as GSL defeated Lausanne for the championship and ended the Lynx season. 

However, hanging their heads is not something this team does. Adversity is something they are used to overcoming. 

After winning the championship last season, the team lost four starters. They responded by compiling a 25-1 record this season. Putting in hours of time, effort and energy at practice while also engaged in the toughest academic program a school can offer in the classroom. 

"Although we fell short, these young ladies are champions in my book," assistant coach Karen Johnson said. 

"This year has been a great experience. It helped me find where I was with the sport and get closer to my teammates to create a sisterhood," Tyler Jones '25 said. "I am forever grateful to play middle school basketball with this group of girls. I really learned and accepted the fact that we win as a family and we lose as a family."

With four seventh-graders returning, the team looks to continue with their dominance next year 

The team will lose five eighth-graders, who look to continue their play at the varsity program under the guidance of head coach Lesa Mears. 

"I know the girls are heartbroken to come up short in the championship game. However, after the sting of the loss is gone, they will reflect back on the memories of their 25 game winning streak, skills that were improved upon and the bond that they will carry into their next season.  This is an incredible group of young ladies," coach Lesa Mears said. 

A group of young ladies also inspiring the next generation of Lady Lynx.

Eight-year-old Lucy Lawrence '30 watched from the stands Thursday night. After the game, she looked at her dad through her tears.

“I want to play in this game. I want to work as hard as these girls work and be as great as they are. I feel so badly for them because I know they worked hard all year,” Lucy said.  

Though the team may not have gotten the result they wanted or expected, they made fans of the young fans watching them play from the stands.

A lasting and positive impact on our school and the young ladies that look up to them and will follow in their footsteps.

“The journey has been real. It is not the ending, but only the beginning,” Savannah Scruggs '24 said.

 Way to go, Lynx! 

Click here to see photos from Thursday night's championship games.

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