Middle School Hosts Annual House Sorting
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Middle School Hosts Annual House Sorting

The cheers coming from the Middle School halls could be heard all across campus last Friday as the members of Monmouth, Lendenwood, Cottingham and Massey celebrated their first event of the year: the house sorting. 

During the highly anticipated event, fifth-graders and students new to the Middle School are sorted into one of the four houses at Lausanne to signify the start of their new journey through middle school while helping students build relationships with peers and teachers. Lausanne was the first school to develop and implement a house system on its campus when they began the program 15 years ago.


Middle School House sortings are usually held in EPAC, but due to the circumstances, this year offered a unique twist to the distinguished tradition. Students had the opportunity to watch a video that announced new members to their respective houses right from their classrooms. 

"This year's House sorting looked a little different than what we are used to but it was just as exciting," said Middle School Learning Specialist Julie Cooper. "It was so fun to see the excitement build all week as all of our returning students placed their House shields on their desks so that our new students could see what House everyone is in. Walking through the hallways during the sorting ceremony and hearing the cheers for our new friends and House members put a big smile on everyone's faces. We are all looking forward to putting the "play" in our Middles School motto of "Work hard, play hard" through the House system."

Visit our Facebook to see more pictures from the event and check out the Middle School House sorting video below:

House Sorting 2020 from Lausanne Collegiate School on Vimeo.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 10:27