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Middle School Math Students Number 1

Twenty-nine Lausanne Middle School students participated in the Perennial Math competition at Arlington High School last week. The Lynx were represented by eight teams; two fifth grade teams, one sixth grade team, three seventh grade teams and two eighth grade teams. Students competed against other schools in the Memphis area with more than 300 students at the competition from grades 3-8.

Congratulations to our competing teams and individual award winners for jobs well done! 

Class of 2025: 5th grade teams:
Andrew Ogbeide, Nicholas Holland and Hugh Parker

Kabir Syali, Kitty Walters and Ezra Baer

Class of 2024: 6th grade team:
First place team award

Zayaan Chaudhry (3rd place individual award), Krishnav Manga (2nd place individual award), Ryon Ghodoussi and Lucas Hori

Class of 2023: 7th grade teams:
2nd place team: Malaika Kumar (3rd place individual award), Jasmine Younes, Risha Manga, Anooj Talati and 6th grader David Burnham

3rd place team: Dany Hamze, Nikhita Srinivas and Gabor Wollak

Will St. Clair (1st place individual award), Nathan Baer, Salem Aqraa and Nikhil Borschel

Class of 2022: 8th grade teams:

2nd place team & perfect team score (10 out of 10): Jason Naidu, Marcus Cohn (2nd place individual) and Annabella Tian (2nd place individual)

3rd place team: Aidan Henderson, Ryan Hof, Eric Liu, and Wyatt Burnham

All students who placed in the tournament will be eligible to participate in the online National Competition in May. 
Great job, Lynx!

Posted by Steven Russell at 09:04