Middle School Students Collaborate To Create Pop Art
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Middle School Students Collaborate To Create Pop Art

30 Lausanne Middle School students came together to create one unique piece of art that now hangs in the Upper Middle School stairwell. 

Called Pop Art, the popsicle mosaic features individual squares from each student in the eighth-grade Advanced STEAM class. Each square was then put together to create one large collaborative piece. 

Students worked on the project for two weeks before the art piece was hung in the Upper Middle School stairwell. Lighting adds to the art, with rotating colors illuminating the work. 

"One of the problematic parts of the project was coming up with an idea for what I wanted my art to be," student Emma Berger '27 said. "Whether I wanted it to be an animal, shape, or something of my imagination. Another difficult part of the project was getting the exact measurements and cutting the angles to fit the pieces together."

The project will continue to grow, with future classes doing the same project and adding to the design to increase the size of the artwork. 

"I very much enjoy seeing my artwork in the stairwell and hope that this project will be done again to be able to add to the existing chain of pop art," Emma said. 

Posted by Steven Russell at 09:41