Middle School Students Create Replicas Of Famous Structures In STEAM Lab
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Middle School Students Create Replicas Of Famous Structures In STEAM Lab

For their unit, Rise and Fall of Empires, Middle School students headed to the STEAM lab on Friday to re-create some famous structures from some of their studied Empires.

“As a summative to this unit in their Individuals and Societies class, they are combining their knowledge and design skills in the STEAM lab,” Middle School STEAM teacher Kim Bullard said.

Students have discussed in class how empires showed their power through their building projects and expansion. They then divided up into small groups, with each small group selected one empire to highlight. They also chose a famous structure that represented that empire to build.

The groups created a webpage of interesting facts, created a drawing of their proposed structure with the supplies they would use to build it and then headed to the lab to made a three-dimensional replica of the structure.

Some of the structures created included the Roman Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Bog Ben and the Opera House in Yekaterinburg.

Each structure also featured a QR code that directed people back to the web page that was built to learn more about the structure and the empire it represented.

“The project is meant to combine research methods as well as creativity,” Bullard said. “I am so impressed with what these students created.”

Posted by Steven Russell at 12:48