Middle School Students Create Safe Valentine's Day Dispensers For Lower School
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Middle School Students Create Safe Valentine's Day Dispensers For Lower School

With Valentine’s Day parties set to take place Monday across campus, students in the Middle School Advanced STEAM class knew that sharing candy between Lower School students was going to be more difficult than in years past. They also had ideas for how to make it safe for our Little Lynx. 

Knowing that the idea was for the candy to transfer from person to person without touching, students created candy dispensers that allowed small amounts of candy to be dispensed without it coming into contact with either the giver or the receiver. 

"Seeing the little ones get so excited about shaking my machine until candy came out was such a rewarding experience," Catherine Coryat '26 said. "It made the work worth it."

Since returning from holiday break, the 14 students worked in pairs or individually to take their ideas and make them a reality. This included a design process, working through issues that arose in dispensing the candy both safely and effectively and final assembly of their creations. 

In total, six dispensers were created to be used in the Junior Kindergarten (JK) classes. Some of them dispense candy individually while others dispense small portions.

For students, the creation process was the most exciting. It left students Andrew Sumpter '26 and Connor Goodwin '26  wondering when they could do it again, calling the class the "best ever."

“The design portion and coming up with ideas was the most fun part,” Alexander Frye ’26 said. “Being able to envision something and bring it to life is really rewarding."

Along the way, they journaled the four design criteria: inquiring and analyzing, developing ideas, creating the solution and evaluating.

With excitement from the experience with their Lower School counterparts fueling their thoughts, the students were inspired when they returned to class, jumping right into our next project.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 13:50