Middle School Students Go Off The Grid To Create Power
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Middle School Students Go Off The Grid To Create Power

Eighth-grade students in Kim Bullard's STEAM class recently learned about living off the grid and were challenged to find alternative ways to get power. 

Given only a hobby motor and a small LED lightbulb, students were tasked with building windmills that generated enough electricity to light a small model house. 

"It was very fun," said William Trott '27. "There were some challenges along the way, but troubleshooting the issue and making my windmill work made it worth it." 

The project was a part of the IB Design criteria, which comprises four elements:

  • Define and research a design problem.
  • Develop ideas.
  • Plan and create a solution
  • Test and evaluate a solution.

In the end, William was the first student from the class to get his windmill working. 

"I spent five classes working on it. Two of them I spent failing, but I wouldn't allow myself to give up," Trott said. "I never had a doubt I would succeed."

Posted by Steven Russell at 13:18