Middle School Students Host French Themed Picnic
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Middle School Students Host French Themed Picnic

Bon appétit!

Students in Middle School French teacher Ellie Beard's class put their knowledge of the french culture to use in a delicious way with a class picnic. 

"In my Middle School French classes, we have a "euro system" students use to earn points," Beard shared. "When they volunteer to answer a question in French, while we're playing quiz games or question games they earn euros. It keeps students motivated, and they learn more because they have to do the work before volunteering to answer."

When students earn enough "euros," they can turn them in for extra credit on classwork checkpoints and MYP formatives, or they can buy a French food day or a French board game day. 

"My seventh-grade class has been working hard, and each student gave some of their "euros" for their whole class to have a picnic day, Beard said. 

Using the euros also helps show students the cultural aspect of money and the conversion rate between euros and American dollars. It also encourages student responsibility because they cannot replace euros if they lose an and keep up with them to use them.  

"The students loved it," Bead said. "They are already working on a second picnic day. "I tried to remind them about the board game day, but they'd rather eat and do class than play games all class period!"