Middle School Students Pledge To Uphold Knowledge, Truth And Honor Code As Part Of KTH Code
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Middle School Students Pledge To Uphold Knowledge, Truth And Honor Code As Part Of KTH Code

Students across Middle School gathered in EPAC today for the annual signing ceremony in which students pledge to uphold knowledge, truth and honor as part of the values rooted in Lausanne's KTH Code.

Committing to the KTH Code has been a long-standing tradition for Lynx students ever since the nineties when Lausanne established the honor system to continue fostering an environment of academic integrity and respect in all aspects of life as a Lynx. 

The KTH Code challenges students to exhibit a strong work ethic, positive attitude, cooperative spirit, pleasant nature and a genuine commitment to Knowledge, Truth and Honor. 

"I think it is important to use KTH every day because it reminds us that we need to use what we've learned, respect others and hold ourselves to the highest standard possible at school and in everyday life," Michelle Spain said. 

For many middle schoolers, like Gillian Parker '28, the values outlined in the honor system are a daily reminder to keep challenging themselves and working towards their goals. 

"KTH reminds me always to try my hardest because no matter how it turns out, If I  know I gave it my all, that motivates me to keep going," Parker said.

Through KTH, students vow to show respect for themselves, others and property while supporting Lausanne's community expectations. Additionally, Students promise to be honest in word and deed, do quality work, self-advocate and develop a sense of academic purpose. 

"Part of KTH is accepting that sometimes school is tough," Middle School teacher Kyle Lawrence shared. "Instead of taking the easy road out by doing things that can be cheating or immoral, continue to work hard and find the information and put the best effort into every assignment that you have."


Posted by Shayne Dotson at 14:59