Middle School Students Study Global Economics During Class Exercise
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Middle School Students Study Global Economics During Class Exercise

Middle School students are preparing for Biz Town and learning about Medieval Europe at the same time this week with a class exercise.

“The activity teaches students how Medieval Europe came out of the manorial system and back into the global economic trade system,” sixth-grade Individuals and Societies Teacher Kyle Lawrence said.

As a part of the assignment, students had to walk around and purchase items in different places on the trade route, accruing enough materials to be successful when they returned home. The students also faced frequent occurrences on trade routes like bad weather and thieves.

“This helped with our Biz Town preparations, which has had us working on checkbook registers and keeping up with spending,” Lawrence said.

Students also were met with moral dilemmas with what they were willing to purchase even if it was helpful for their survival.

“It was a very good experience," Edward Sellers '28 said. "I learned about managing money. I learned that sometimes other parts of the world may have the same products but it can be more or less expensive."

Posted by Steven Russell at 08:20