Middle Schoolers Create 3D Models of Plant and Animal Cells
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Middle Schoolers Create 3D Models of Plant and Animal Cells

 As a part of the Middle Years Programme (PYP) unit on cells, students are tasked with building a plant or animal cell model. 

The project began after a group of seventh-graders discovered the best way to explore the makeup of a cell was through 3D models. However, the price to buy one was expensive, so the students decided to create their own. 

"We are making models of cells that teachers and students can use for an affordable price," Animesh Satapathy '25 said. "It all started when Mrs. Bullard told us to look up the prices. The prices we found ranged from $200 to $4,000, but we decided we could make models just like that."

Seventh-graders from Mr. Brezina's class have been working together in the STEAM Lab for the past two weeks designing and creating their models, which has given the opportunity to learn about cells through a hands-on learning experience. 

"This is a collaborative unit with STEAM principles centered in design," Middle School Science teach Tom Brezina said. "Students learned about different types of cells and the function of organelles within a cell. At the end of this process, my class will create a scale drawing of their models, a list that includes the function of each organelle and a paper, reflecting on their project."

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 10:41