Middle Schoolers Empowered to Spread Kindness
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Middle Schoolers Empowered to Spread Kindness

In sixth grade, students have been designing tangible products that serve as a reminder to promote and inspire kindness. 

Their creations vary from water bottles to canvas bags to sweatshirts, and each one is marked with a self-constructed symbol and a compassionate quote. 

Over the summer, 6th-grade students read the book, Wonder, which is filled with precepts that encourage kindness, motivation and reminders to be true to yourself. In class, they researched and chose three precepts they liked most. After writing about them and the role they play in their lives, they chose their absolute favorite to create a symbol for and put on an object of their choice in STEAM. 

"They have worked so hard bringing their designs to life and they did an impressive job at choosing precepts that inspire kindness," said sixth-grade teacher Maria Pirani. "The students chose a design outlet that they knew they would see a lot so that it could serve as a constant reminder to themselves and others."

Mrs. Bullard, the Middle School STEAM Lab Instructor, gave the Middle School class complete creative freedom with their objects and helped them bring their designs to life, which resulted in finished products that made them proud.


Posted by Shayne Dotson at 10:00