Middle Schoolers Live Prehistoric
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Middle Schoolers Live Prehistoric

Our 5th graders transformed their socially distanced desks into caves as they studied petroglyphs. Brown butcher paper became cave walls for the as the Class of 2028 showcased their creativity through the eyes of a prehistoric human. 

The students have been studying the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic eras in Individuals and Societies, part of their Middle Years Programme curriculum (MYP). After being introduced to "Prehistory," they learned about the discovery of "Lucy," the Australopithecus, and concluded the investigation by making and writing about their own petroglyphs… more commonly known as "cave drawings." 

"I chose the Neolithic Era," explained Ava Long '28 as she used a (battery-operated) torch to show her cave paintings. "That's when humans started farming and living in permanent villages made of mud-bricks."

"The MYP focuses on students becoming active participants in their learning," explains their teacher Kelly Douglas. "Experiencing how these prehistoric humans communicated and recorded their history gives students a deeper understanding of the period. They're learning to understand, not just to memorize facts for a test." #thelausanneway