Monmouth House Wins 2019 House Cup
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Monmouth House Wins 2019 House Cup

For more than a decade, the Middle School House System at Lausanne has provided a unique and fun way for students and teachers to build relationships and strengthen the sense of community across fifth through eighth grade.

The House System includes four houses named after the streets that border Lausanne’s campus: Massey Dragons, Lendenwood Moose, Monmouth Bears and Cottingham Knights.  

Students are initiated into one of the Lausanne Houses when they enter fifth grade or enroll as a new student through the formal House Sorting Ceremony that takes place at the beginning of each school year and they remain in their particular house during their entire Middle School experience.

Throughout the school year, houses participate in various competitions and activities with a goal of earning the most points to become the House Cup Winner. This gives students the opportunity to engage with one another outside of the classroom curriculum while boosting their school pride through friendly competition.

During the House Cup Ceremony held in EPAC Friday, Monmouth was declared the winning house for 2019 and was awarded the sacred golden house cup trophy.

The house earned 22,330 points over the course of the year. Way to go, Monmouth House!

Click here to see the video from the awards ceremony.