National Honor Society 2020
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National Honor Society 2020

2020's National Honor Society Ceremony honored 52 students with induction into the academic organization. The inductees were split into three separate groups to ensure social distancing could be maintained. You can watch an edited version of the ceremony below or on our vimeo site.

Fifteen seniors were inducted on November 30: Jazmin Bolden, Brandon Bruckman, Darian Eslami, Hattie Greene, Keith Hoffmeister, Emilio Miguel Lachica, Brinnan Lawson, James Locke, Elle Nienhuis, Britney Okhiria, Jonas Pflaumer, Elaina Przybyszewski, Hannah Siegler, Jordan Timmons and Brianna Warner.

The ceremony for the Class of 2022 was held on December 1 and 2, and added 37 additional students.

Inductees from Eleventh Grade are Marcus Cohn, Micah Cross, Sara Devji, Olasimibo Faleye, Mary Fontana, Seth Gibson, Ella Gregory, Emma Gubin, Skylar Harts, Aidan Henderson, Michael Hirsch, Ryan Hof, Sophia Holland, Suhani Koka, Isabella Leggett, Clarissa Luckytor, Zoey Matthews, Isabel McDonald, Philipp Meibohm, Walter Mink, Analise Murphy, Kayden Myrick, Jason Naidu, India Norris, Lotanna Oraedu, Shranav Palakurthi, Elizabeth Peeples, Nadia Rios, Hannah Rothman, Murell Sanders, Remi Schaber, Ella Simpson, Jonah Smith, Susan Stephens, Annabella Tian, Joshua Urévbu and Kai Wince.

To be eligible for induction into the National Honor Society, Juniors and Seniors must demonstrate a commitment to scholarship, character, leadership and service. In addition to achieving a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher at the beginning of the school year, a committee of five teachers looks at each student's resume to determine the qualifications have been met. 

These students join previous inductees from the Class of 2021 included Diego Alba, Anjali Borschel, Cailin Brown, John Campbell, Dalia Chemaitilly, Kewe Chen, Justice Crawford, Virginia Derrick, Ali Devji, Jad Hamze, Xiangru He, Cooper Hough, Isabel Kagoo, Ayaka Kimura, Yuka Kimura, Sophie Manis, Shreya Palakurthi, Anne Rack, Alexandra Rochkind, Douglas Rogers, Martin Succar, Elizabeth Surbrook, Carlin Sutter, Leran Yu, Wenqi Yu and Tian Zhang. 

Congratulations, Lynx!

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