Photography Students' Exhibit Opens In Blackmon Gallery
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Photography Students' Exhibit Opens In Blackmon Gallery

Students in Photography and Advanced Photography at Lausanne launched an art exhibit this week that is currently on display in Blackmon Gallery.

“Photography isn’t simply about capturing a moment in time, it’s about capturing light and shadow and crafting it in a way that tells a story or evokes an emotion,” career tech teacher Todd Cowden said. “It’s about seeing the world through an artistic lens, in ways that other people may not be capable of.”

The students have spent a semester learning how to create art with light by tackling a variety of challenges. This week a collection of some of the most successful images created by those students was put on exhibit in the Blackmon Gallery in an exhibit entitled “Capturing Light: The Art of Digital Photography.”

Using light as a paintbrush, the students were able to illuminate their subjects. Students said that by looking inward, they were able to create self-portraits that show their ‘true self.”

“These incredible images demonstrate how students have learned to see ordinary things from new and different perspectives, how they’ve used artificial intelligence to improve their images and how they’ve used professional image editing software and advanced photo compositing techniques to create truly impossible images,” Cowden said.

“Capturing Light: The Art of Digital Photography” is on display until February 4.

Posted by Steven Russell at 09:20