Pk Students Learn The Importance Of Hard Work While Making Rolls
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Pk Students Learn The Importance Of Hard Work While Making Rolls

As part of their reading of The Little Red Hen and their unit "How We Express Ourselves," the students in Peggy Boyd's PK class are acted out parts of the book itself by baking bread. 

In the story of The Little Red Hen, the hen finds a grain of wheat and asks for help from the other farmyard animals during the planting, harvesting, threshing, milling and baking process. All the animals refuse, but when it comes time to eat the bread they all eagerly volunteer. 

The class began the morning by kneading the bread, each student taking turns while learning why that part of the process was important. 

Afterward, it was time to let the dough rise before shaping them into rolls and baking them.

Finally, it was time to enjoy their day of hard work and eat the biscuits to end the day. 

 Much like the story, the day-long process teaches the students the importance of hard work in completing a task.

"By helping make the bread, the lesson of responsibility and sharing is learned. Those that share in the responsibility of baking the bread get to share in the joy of eating the bread," Boyd said. "This is also part of learning dramatic play through our unit with the central idea that play allows us to extend our ability to think, create, and express ourselves."

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