Pre-Kindergartners Learn How To Garden In Hands-On Learning Experience
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Pre-Kindergartners Learn How To Garden In Hands-On Learning Experience

Lausanne Pre-Kindergartners changed up the classroom setting during an outside activity in the Lower School garden.

PK classmates learned how to garden by pulling up leftover vegetables from the previous year, adding new soil and planting carrot and radish seeds.

The gardening project is a part of the PYP unit "How the World Works," in which Pre-Kindergartners become curious and committed inquirers as they learn about different types of plants, the growth cycle and how plants are grown for a variety of reasons. During the year-long project, the class of 2032 will take turns tending to the garden every day by watering the vegetables and will plant tulips and daffodils before winter.  

“Growing a garden is good for a child’s brain,” said PK teacher Peggy Boyd. “Research indicates that children who participate in gardening attain higher science achievements. It also leads to more questions, such as why we need to water, what the sun does for seeds, and if we are going to eat the plants.”

The gardening project helps develop pre-kindergartners into thinkers and researchers, as they investigate what to plant, how to plant and how to sustain the life of a plant while providing a fun way for students to retain what they are learning. The project also provides physical activity for their growing bodies and teaches students to work together.  

“Kids love to dig in the dirt and gardening provides a great hands-on learning experience for our students,” said Peggy.