PYP Unit Encourages Pre-Kindergartners To Learn Through Play
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PYP Unit Encourages Pre-Kindergartners To Learn Through Play

We love beautiful days on campus! Especially when it inspires out littlest Lynx to venture beyond their classroom walls for an afternoon on the lawn learning through play.

To encourage the physical play week of their current unit, How We Express Ourselves, Pre-Kindergarten students in Ms. Boyd's class challenged themselves to an outdoor obstacle course. The unit's central idea supports play as a tool for expanding our ability to think, create and express ourselves. Today's activity addressed two lines of inquiry: how we use materials in play and responsibilities during play. 

"The obstacle course promotes gross motor skills and serves as an everyday Mathcore activity by providing kinesthetic experiences with spatial reasoning and position and location concepts," said Ms. Boyd. "Students start with a simple obstacle course that allows them to follow a sequence of steps and directions. In addition to this activity, we will participate in an obstacle course inside our classroom that will involve going under tables and around furniture. The children have fun with this!"


Posted by Shayne Dotson at 15:30