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Ready, Set, Go! French Students Participate In Course De Relais

When you think of relay races, you probably don't think of French. You also probably don't associate it with models and clothing.

Last week, French 2 Upper School students participated in a unique in-class relay race.

The students, made up of a mixed class of higher level and standard level freshman and sophomores, are currently working on learning the words for clothing in the French language.

"It is important for students in a foreign language classroom to engage in interactive activities where they use the language actively, this helps cement the material introduced in class," Upper School French teacher Eric Becker said. 

As part of the activity, students worked in two teams. There was a pile of clothes and a student that was chosen as a model for each team. As the teacher called out an article of clothing and a color associated with it, they had to race to find that item and put it on their model. For an added element of fun, the models had to incorporate all of the clothing items without removing them.

Teams could help each other but they were only allowed to speak in French with each other while doing so.

"The students really enjoyed this activity and it gave them the opportunity to associate what are often seen as abstract vocabulary words with concrete objects in an activity which is engaging, fun, and lets them see their classmates in bizarre clothing," Becker said.