Recent Graduate Earns First IB Bilingual Diploma From Lausanne
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Recent Graduate Earns First IB Bilingual Diploma From Lausanne

Marie-Pia Bonnot '19 has become the first graduate from Lausanne to receive an International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma.

"Out of 166,278 IB candidates across the globe, only 24 percent obtained a bilingual diploma," said Upper School World Languages teacher and IB test coordinator Rocio Rodriguez Del Rio. "For this to happen, Marie-Pia had to be disciplined, self-driven and extremely organized."

To meet the requirements of the diploma, Marie-Pia chose to study English Literature and did a self-study in French Literature at the Standard-Level with help from a tutor. 

"The work is self-paced but the expectations are the same as for a student taking French Literature SL in a classroom context," said Rodriguez Del Rio. "Internal assessments are individually prepared by the student and subject to the same academic honesty expectations from the IB, and the examinations are the same as any other French Literature students take."

The bilingual degree option is open to all Lausanne students who speak more than one language fluently and can meet the rigorous requirements of a literature self-study in the additional language they speak.