Richard Crais '20 - Senior Profile
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Richard Crais '20 - Senior Profile

As a Lausanne student since Junior Kindergarten, Richard Crais '20 has spent most of his life as a Lynx and is grateful for his experience. 

"Lausanne feels like a second home to me," Richard shared. "I'm glad I grew up there because the environment always felt comfortable thanks to every teacher, employee and friend."

The comfort Richard felt on campus made it easy for him to get involved and pursue different hobbies. His extracurriculars over the years included being a Lausanne ambassador, playing Varsity Lacrosse, leading the Mountain Bike Club as its president and many others. 

Richard was able to discover many interests through his extracurriculars, but an experience in the classroom is what helped him find the one that would lead to his future career.  

"I took a business class that opened my eyes and allowed me to explore what I was capable of career-wise," Richard said. "I ended up loving the marketing aspect of the class because I was able to use my creative skills."

Richard has decided to attend the University of Tennessee Knoxville in the fall major in marketing, a decision he is confident about due to his time at Lausanne.

"Lausanne has greatly prepared me for my future, not only academically but socially wise too," Richard said. "The relationships I built with my friends and teachers helped me gain a social strength that I will forever be grateful for in my future."