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Rising Senior Pursues His Passion For Technology Through VR Society At Lausanne

When Ben Brandon ‘20 started his academic journey at Lausanne in ninth grade, Headmaster Stuart McCathie held a meeting to learn about Ben’s interests and goals, a ritual done with each new student at Lausanne.

During the meeting, Ben discussed his interest in technology and getting involved with one of the programs Lausanne offers for its students. Mr. McCathie decided to encourage Ben to join the VR Society, a student-run after school program that allows students to create virtual realities, experiment with technology and build life-long skillsets. 

Ben immediately joined the society and began flourishing in his new role. By his 10th grade year, Ben and his team had created an educational VR experience that combined math and games for students to enjoy.

The club submitted the virtual reality experience to Oculus, a technology company that specializes in virtual reality and software products, and the company featured the VR club’s experience on the tech organization’s online store.

Ben utilized the 3D modeling skills he learned from the VR society to design an environmentally sustainable modular house through a virtual reality experience for his 10th grade personal project.

“As a parent, we have watched him grow and thrive from this experience,” said Dana Brandon, Ben’s mom. “He is passionate about his work, and Lausanne created that for him.”

The VR club has provided a platform for Ben to recognize his potential and succeed as he continues to pursue his love for technology. Recently, he presented his personal project to a Virtual Reality conference in Los Angeles using VR equipment Lausanne provided him. Ben setup the equipment in Lausanne's Makerspace room in the library and was able to present his project to several youth at the conference that were just as passionate about technology.

“The experience made me ponder all the possibilities for the software bringing people together” said Ben Brandon ’20. “Sharing my story about a project that I put my heart into was an amazing feeling because I felt like I was inspiring others to put aside what they think they’re not capable of.”
Posted by Shayne Dotson at 10:00