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Roberson's JK Class Treated To Unique End Of Year Book

For students in Junior Kindergarten Lindy Roberson's class, the end of the year is a fun and upbeat time that includes the annual end of year book.

However, when looking at the books that she has used in the past, the traditional end of the year routines just did not suit the current situation. 

"While brainstorming, I found a few other teachers creating templates for end of the year books that were a bit more relatable to our current situation," Roberson said. "But again, these sweet stories just didn't fully communicate just how unique our year together has been." 

As she thought about it more, she had the idea to create a story to share with both students and families about just how amazing they have been at adjusting to our new way of learning. 

"We've spent hours on Zoom, working on our skills, sharing lunch, showing off our toys or taking tours of our friends' houses," Roberson said. "The bond that we've created during this time has been pretty special and I hope this story is able to capture just a glimpse of all our love!"

Click here to see the video.