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SACAC awards Lausanne's Director of College Advising Mentoring Award for 2020

On Monday, the Southern Association for College Admission Counseling announced that John Hawkins, Lausanne's Director of College Advising, had won the William Starling Award for Mentoring for 2020. 

The award is named in honor of William Starling, who "taught all who worked with him the true purpose of work. He worked hard for many years at Wake Forest University, where he set an example of integrity and trained himself to see and shape the best in people. He always saw beyond the day-to-day, whether it was encouraging his staff to further their education or showing constant interest in their families (for he himself was a family man). He inspired rather than demanded quality. In two ways especially, he valued his employees: 1) He gently, consistently, and purposefully educated his employees on standards of the profession, and he was loyal to the people he invested of himself, and 2) He corrected those who made errors, but also defended them rigorously to the family or administrator who felt underappreciated or misunderstood." Read more about the honor on their website.

Congratulations, Mr. Hawkins!