Second Grade & JK Students Share Ideas In Creative Collaboration
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Second Grade & JK Students Share Ideas In Creative Collaboration

Second-grade students at Lausanne had the chance to share their robotics knowledge with students in Junior Kindergarten (JK) this week.

"I love being a part of a school where we can share and learn together," director of academic technology and innovation Amy Brownlee said.

With the weather too cold to be outside, JK students have been spending their time creating in the hallways outside their classrooms. Meanwhile, second-grade students have been creating as well as a part of LEGO robotics curriculum.

Seeing a chance for cross-curricular learning to take place, teachers got together and formulated a plan to get the two grades together. They met up in Ms. Fessler's class, with second-grade students leading groups of JK students on the ins and outs of robotics while the JK students offered some creative ideas to their older peers.

"Our students love exploring and building with Legos. Seeing what the 'big kids' could do with Leogs was so exciting for them," Junior Kindergarten teacher Lindy Roberson said. "I was so impressed with the way that the second graders guided our kids and answered their questions; it was certainly a meaningful connection for our kids!"

Posted by Steven Russell at 09:33