Second Grade Students Explore Coding and Design
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Second Grade Students Explore Coding and Design

Second-grade students have been hard at work over the last couple of months as they developed new design skills through their PYP unit on robotics.
During their ANTS classes, students learned about computer science and how to code using a programming language called Blockly, which helps students learn resilience and math applications and is a precursor to other languages like Java and HTML.
"The coding was my favorite part," Veer Kumar '33 shared. "I got to see all the new coding blocks and we got to make our own custom block and project called the serverbot."
Once the second graders better understood coding, they combined their newfound knowledge with their robotics classroom curriculum and collaborated in groups to build their own robots. They brought their designs to life using LEGO WeDo software that connects the robot to a computer and allows them to make movements and commands.
"The part I liked most about this project was the building because my group came up with a football kicker robot," Louie Manis '23. "We made a machine that kicks a football into a field goal."
To culminate the unit, students held a robotics showcase in their classrooms, where they presented their designs to family and fellow Lower School Lynx.
To see more pics from the robotics showcase, visit our Facebook page.
Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:45