Second Grade Students Take Trip To The Lake To Kick Off PYP Unit
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Second Grade Students Take Trip To The Lake To Kick Off PYP Unit

On Friday, Lausanne second-graders took an outdoor adventure to Blue Heron Lake to kick off their PYP unit on choices.

The students rotated between different activities, including canoeing, enjoying healthy snacks and exploring the use of solar energy.

For the activity led by 2nd-grade teacher Whitney Robertson, groups learned how to power up small wind turbines and music boxes by connecting cables to the positive and negative terminals on a hand-held solar panel to generate electricity. They also looked at how different factors such as shade and amount of sunshine affected the results. 

With assistance from learning specialists Lisa Miller and Joy Stephens, assistant head of Lower School Erica McBride and second-grade teacher Jeff Massey, the groups took turns canoeing around the lake. 

In second-grade teacher Robin Fessler’s group activity, students enjoyed snacks, discussed the benefits of healthy eating habits and learned different stretches that promote active body movement. 

As the lessons transition back into the classroom, the second-graders are learning how the choices humans make can impact the world around them and ways they can make a helpful difference.  

See the rest of the photos in our Facebook album. 

Posted by Steven Russell at 09:13