Second-graders Create and Test Hypotheses In Their Classroom
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Second-graders Create and Test Hypotheses In Their Classroom

Students across second grade have been learning about the scientific method which included creating and testing a hypothesis.

Each student was tasked with brainstorming questions they wondered about and experimenting within their classroom. Their inquiries ranged from how far a marble would roll across tile versus carpet to how many books a student could stack before tumbling to the floor.

"The students wrote down each step for their experiments and carried them out all by themselves," second-grade teacher Whitney Robertson said. "They also recorded their observations and wrote down their conclusions. Students learned that their hypotheses were not always correct but they discussed and wrote down what they would do differently next time to achieve a different result."

Once they completed their experiments and recorded their findings, students had the opportunity to share their work with their peers. The second-graders spent the afternoon reading different hypotheses and reflecting on the experience with each other. 


Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:32