Second Graders Explore Family History and Lausanne Traditions
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Second Graders Explore Family History and Lausanne Traditions

Lausanne's second-grade class is currently working on a unit of inquiry entitled Traditions. 

As part of the study, students are learning more about who they are as well as who they are in their family, school, community and world. They are also studying how those relationships they make and the traditions we all have makeup who we are. 

"The central idea of the unit is that relationships and traditions contribute to shaping our identity," teacher Robin Fessler said. 

The students have written "All About Me" booklets, viewed videos of traditions around the world and designed a flower listing the traditions they already have.

Guest speakers also made appearances in the classroom as well. Lausanne Director of Strategic Communications Drew Smith also taught the class about how to write good questions. The students then emailed a video of an interview for which they wrote the questions to an adult at home. Guidance counselor Mrs. Angie Valadie designed a lesson to help them learn more about themselves. A parent also came to class to share their own family traditions. 

A trip across Lausanne to the archives also taught the students about the history of Lausanne and the traditions that make up the school. 

As the students walked back to class, they had been on a trip without leaving campus and had many memories, current and past, to go along with it.