Second-Graders Explore Materials Of Exhchange
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Second-Graders Explore Materials Of Exhchange

As students in second grade studied the features of American money and money from countries worldwide, guest speakers stopped by to give a little insight into the topic.

One of the visitors, Mr. Will Starner, a Lausanne teacher and dad to second-grader Jet Starner, shared the money his family has collected while living overseas.

The students also had a virtual visit from Leslie Brucker, second-grade student Sam Seessel's grandmother, and former 4th-grade teacher at Lausanne in the 70s. Mrs. Brucker spoke about coins, bartering and the symbols and their meaning on American and International currency. 

Their coin-related curriculum is a part of the Primary Years Programme unit, Materials of Exchange. Their unit projects have included learning more about money symbolism, bartering, how money is made, counting, making change, looking at the costs of items and then even designing their own coins. 

"I think one of my favorite parts of this unit is seeing the students' faces when we tell them shells were some of the first forms of money," said second-grade teacher Robin Fessler. "The students have been awe-struck by the information they have been learning."