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Second-graders Learn About Different Traditions Around The World

As a part of their current unit of inquiry, students in second grade have been learning about traditions and relationships and how they contribute to shaping our identity. 

To help make a connection between the curriculum and the world around them, two guest speakers stopped by this afternoon to share some of the traditions in their homes with our second-graders. 

One of the visitors spoke about St. Barbara's Day and the grains her family cooks with as a part of her Lebanese tradition. Students had the opportunity to plant their own grains to grow in the classroom using small cups, cotton balls and water.

Their second guest spoke about her cultural upbringing and shared a traditional Chinese dish that represents a long life with the class.

"We've been doing lots of activities associated with understanding who we are and why traditions are important" second-grade teacher Robin Fessler said. "This will all culminate in the second-grade assembly next Thursday when students will showcase 11 different winter holidays from around the world."

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 14:47