Second-Grade PYP Unit Heads to Blue Heron Lake
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Second-Grade PYP Unit Heads to Blue Heron Lake

For their first Primary Years Programme (PYP) Unit of Inquiry, Choices, students learn how their decisions impact each other, different resources and the environment. As a culmination, second-graders spent the afternoon at Blue Heron Lake rotating between canoeing, enjoying healthy popsicle treats, and shooting off energy rockets while wearing masks and remaining socially distant.

"Second-graders have worked hard on the understanding that the choices humans make impact the world around us and that each of us can make a difference," second-grade teacher Robin Fessler said. "The activities students participated in by the lake have enhanced our learning and helped us further see the interconnectedness."

Aided by Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Stephens, the groups took to the water in canoes, exploring the flora and fauna around Blue Heron Lake. A white swan investigated the groups as they paddled their way to one side and back. 

Using kinetic energy created by their stomps, the second graders shot air-powered energy rockets into the air, then measured the distance the rockets flew in steps.

They also enjoyed fruit popsicles with Mrs. Roberson, taking advantage of the nice weather to enjoy a sweet treat as they listened to a story.

Combining real-world experiences with their in-class learning makes sure the ideas and theories learned in the classroom have context for students.