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Second Graders Take "Mystery Trip" To American Indian Village

“Do you wanna know where we are going?!” asked 2nd Grade Teacher Mr. Massey.
"Yeah!" the entire Class of 2028 shouted in unison.
After arriving at school and boarding a charter bus, 36 second graders and teachers from all three sections of the second grade at Lausanne finally found out the destination of their surprise destination field trip: Parkin, Arkansas, home of the Parkin Archeological State Park. 
The class trip went along with the second graders current unit, "Travel...Where We are in Place and Time." The central idea of that unit is that geography impacts human settlement. The state park was home to an American Indian village from A.D. 1000 to 1600. A large platform mound on the river bank remains. The site is important for understanding the history of northeast Arkansas.
Students toured the grounds after watching a short documentary on the history of the state park. They got to see artifacts used by the Mississippians, the American Indians who inhabited the village of Casqui visited by the expedition of Hernando de Soto in 1541, that he wrote about in his chronicles. They were also introduced to some of the animals that call the park home.
As the students boarded the bus to head back to Lausanne, they shared moments of the day and their favorite facts they had learned. The hands-on experience gave all of the students a chance to apply their expanding knowledge of geography and history acquired during their studies.  

Click here to see the full Facebook photo album from the trip.