Senior Ceylan Metin ‘18: A Focused Path
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Senior Ceylan Metin ‘18: A Focused Path

Most 17-year-old students aren’t quite sure what their future holds, let alone what plans they have for the upcoming weekend. Ceylan Metin ‘18 has been an exception to rules her entire life, and planning her future has been the same. The graduating senior, who is a member of the Heritage Club, having attended Lausanne for her entire academic career, has big plans for her post high school life. While she has been accepted into multiple university programs across the country, she has currently narrowed her choices down to Georgetown, Michigan and Tulane.

While attending Lausanne, Ceylan has upheld an impressive GPA, participated in countless extracurricular activities, organizations and boards, all while maintaining incredible relationships with her peers and teachers.  She has also held leadership in numerous clubs, such as Cum Laude, Secretary of National Honor Society, President of the Spanish Club, SGA and the Southeast Asian Club, just to name a few.

However, what might be most extraordinary about Ceylan are her future plans. She hopes to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a physician, but also plans to double major in both Spanish and Biochemistry with a pre-med track. She eventually aspires to move to South America and open a hospital for people without access to quality healthcare.

For Ceylan, Lausanne means building community and embracing diversity.

“Over my twelve years at Lausanne, I have grown to become friends with people of all different backgrounds and ethnicities,” says the senior. “I think Lausanne means allowing students to be able to form close relationships with their peers and teachers, even if they are different from them. The diversity here on campus is what truly makes us, us, and you can’t find that anywhere else. We are such an integrated community and that’s what makes Lausanne so special to me.”

It’s The Lausanne Way.

Posted by Carrie Robinson at 12:31