Senior Profile – Ali Devji '21
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Senior Profile – Ali Devji '21

Ambassador, diversity and inclusion task force member and co-president of the Class of 2021. Ali Devji '21 has taken on many roles at Lausanne and has spent his time as a Lynx embracing his leadership skills. 

At Lausanne, the International Baccalaureate has a strong focus on community engagement, and as a full IB student, Ali found this helpful in encouraging him towards his leadership roles.

"I would encourage everyone to take the IB, as it has truly helped me with utilizing my knowledge across courses in addition to pushing me to become a better student and leader," said Ali. "I  believe that community engagement is vital to a person's growth since it teaches people to keep an open mind and cooperate with others to alleviate issues people have."

Being a part of the Lausanne community is one of the benefits Ali treasures most about being a Lynx.

"From the teachers to the cleaning crew, everyone is always trying to help you and I genuinely do appreciate the feeling of community I get when I am at Lausanne," Ali said. 

One of his favorite Lausanne memories stems from this as well.

"I think my favorite Lausanne memory is from when I asked Mr. Auger, whose class I hadn't taken in years, to help me burn off a galvanized layer of metal from a bucket," Ali said. "Without hesitation, he helped me and, through doing so, taught me just how important it is to reach out to teachers when you need help."

Along with the community and leadership skills he built, Ali has had many accomplishments and has been very active at Lausanne. The senior is a member of Model UN and was awarded the best delegate in committee award. Ali also participates in National History Day and has been in multiple plays within the theatre program. He also was inducted into the National Honor Society his junior year and has received math, french and ambassador awards.

Now that Ali is wrapping up his senior year, he believes his accomplishments and being a part of the IB will also prepare him for his next challenge: college.

The senior received an early acceptance to the University of Tennessee and has applied for quite a few others, but hasn't decided yet where he plans to attend.

However, whatever decision he makes, he knows he'll be ready.  

"I believe that I have been better prepared for university through IB," said Ali. "I  have been pushed to become a better student, and I have even heard from alumni that the IB program has helped them with college. I can't wait to see where my journey goes next."

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:36