Senior Profile – Cooper Hough '21
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Senior Profile – Cooper Hough '21

"I love the people of Lausanne," said Cooper Hough '21. "The students, the teachers, the staff are all amazing. The community here is unlike any other school in the area. You can strike up a conversation with anyone walking by and they always have an interesting story to tell. The Lausanne community is one of the most accepting ones from my experience. They have taken in my wacky personality over the last four years and I am forever grateful for that." 

Wacky is one of many ways to describe Cooper Hough '21, but underneath the dad jokes and random historical facts is a genuinely hardworking, compassionate student Lausanne has been lucky to have throughout his high school career.  

Generally, you can find Cooper down on the soccer field, protecting our goal and aiding in the successes that the Lausanne team have amassed over the last four years. Cooper has played Lausanne Varsity Soccer since 2018, as well as being Captain of his Club Soccer team outside of school. 

"My favorite Lausanne memory was winning the soccer state championship my freshman year," said Cooper. "That season we had an impressive 19-1 record and a really tight team. I remember riding on the bus to Murfreesboro nervous but also excited for the big games we had." 

While any athlete can attest that participating in athletics takes up a significant amount of time after school, this senior manages to be involved in other aspects of Lausanne and balancing the Full IB Diploma Program. He has previously been a member of the Speech and Debate club. As a student ambassador and Senior Representative for the Student Government Association, Cooper contributes daily to Lausanne's community aspect, an aspect he appreciates about the school immensely. 

"Engaging the community opens your eyes to prominent issues that may not impact your day-to-day life," said Cooper. "Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to have access to all necessary resources. This is not the situation for everyone, and community engagement is a way to help combat that. Interacting with more members of your community allows your perspective to broaden outside your own experiences in life." 

Cooper is an active member of the Memphis community as well. He participates in environmental outreach, is a volunteer for the Wild River Conservancy, and has previously been a Bridge Builder. This organization promotes diversity and connection across the Memphis area. Within the Lausanne gates, Cooper has held leadership as Vice President and Archivist of the Environmental Outreach CAS group. 

As a Full Diploma IB Candidate, Cooper has taken an array of classes in which he has excelled, gaining him inductions into the National Honors Society and National English Honor Society.  

"Every class I take keeps me engaged and interested," said Cooper. "This newfound freedom also allowed me to discover which subjects I want to pursue in further education." 

As the senior is only weeks away from finishing classes, Cooper is making his final decision on where he will continue his education. He is currently deciding between George Washington University, Wake Forest University or William and Mary. He plans to major in either Engineering or Liberal Arts. While Lausanne will dearly miss his jokes, we know his personality will be much appreciated at any university of his choice. 

This senior profile was written by Sophie Manis '21.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 10:00