Senior Profile – Jad Hamze '21
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Senior Profile – Jad Hamze '21

As a Lausanne student for his entire academic career, senior Jad Hamze '21 is proud to be a "Lynx for Life." 

"I just love being here," said Jad. "I walk through the doors every day and I just feel lucky to be in such an amazing place. Being in an environment where my teachers care for me, and the principal knows my name is a privilege that I feel lucky to have."

Throughout his 15 years at Lausanne, the heritage club member and Co-President of SGA has made a name for himself through community engagement and countless academic accomplishments, including inductions into the Cum Laude and National Honor Society.

During his time in Upper School, Jad always showed a propensity towards his mathematics and sciences courses as he knew he saw a future for himself as a doctor. As a full Diploma Programme student, he knows that the rigorous IB course load has prepared him for collegiate level pre-medical studies.

"From past graduates, I have heard that the IB has prepared them extremely well," said Jad. "One of my friends said that the synthesis-based writing that the IB promotes made their transition to university feel like a breeze at points."

Along with holding an impressive GPA and an intense academic schedule, Jad has held leadership positions in various extracurriculars, most recently serving as the Co-President of Lausanne's Student Government Association. He has also been a four-year-member of Model United Nations, Boys' Varsity Soccer and various other clubs and groups.

With growing up in the Lausanne community, Jad has created lifelong memories that he believes have contributed to the person that he has become today.

"The entirety of 8th grade was just a thrill," said Jad. "I  just remember having a good time every single day and being super excited to come to school. I got into a bit of trouble that year, as most immature middle schoolers do, but with that came immense growth and personal development that I attribute to the 8th-grade team that year. Even though I made life a bit hard on them at times, I am thankful that they stuck with me and played a big role in my identity growth."

While the graduating senior loves many aspects of the Full IB Program, he admits that his favorite part is the payoff at the end of the journey.

"The part of the IB that I enjoy the most is the payoff you see at the end," said Jad. "Taking a rigorous IB course load was not easy in any way. I struggled at times just like everyone else, but opening my college acceptance letter to Brown University and being filled with all that joy, well, that makes all the studying and test-taking worth it."

This fall, Jad will be joining Brown University's Class of 2025 on a Pre-Med track. In addition to gaining admission to the prestigious university, the senior will also be a member of their program in Liberal Medical Education, an eight-year combined baccalaureate and MD program.

As his senior year nears the end, Jad feels thankful for his time as a Lynx and the community that helped shape his experience.

"I've tried to make the most out of every day at Lausanne," said Jad. "When I look back on my 15-year trek here, I simply just want to say thank you to everyone that guided me through thick and through thin along this illustrious journey."

*This senior profile was written by Lausanne student Justice Crawford '21. 

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:19