Senior Profile – Analise Murphy '22
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Senior Profile – Analise Murphy '22

"Lausanne has helped me in more ways than I can count, but the most significant was making me confident in my own skin through my academic, athletic and social success," Analise Murphy '22 shared. "Even though I have faced many hardships throughout my career, they have only made me stronger and taught me how to deal with stress."

Whether on the court or the field, Analise's confidence was continuously showcased through her athletic efforts as she helped assist in multiple Lynx victories during her time in Upper School. By her senior year, Analise had been voted team captain of Varsity Girls Soccer, which she says allowed her to lead her teammates by example, represent them and help them achieve their goals while pushing through challenges. 

"During my Upper School experience, sports have been most influential to me," Analise shared. "In freshman year, I started for the women's varsity soccer team, where I made some of my best high school friends. Over the next four years, soccer remained one of my favorite activities and where I grew the most as a person. I learned how to control my mind, thanks to Coach Amy, my soccer coach, and I significantly developed as a player and leader. During soccer off-season I also played lacrosse and basketball. Through these sports I was able to form many relationships and continue to strengthen my body. Sports have allowed me ease my stress and overall has made me a better person!"

Along with being a dynamic athlete, Analise has found immense success in the classroom. As a full IB student, her schedule has been demanding, but the senior's academic commitment earned her multiple achievements, including inductions into the National Honors Society, National Art Honors Society, National English Society, Rho Kappa Society, National Science Society and Sigma Society. 

"I am proud of signing up for the IB and working diligently to earn an IB degree," Analise said. "The process has been challenging, but I know I have worked as hard as possible and have no regrets. Learning how to time manage and prioritize my projects to complete them on time has been extremely beneficial during this process."

As Analise's academic efforts have earned well-deserved recognition at Lausanne, it also helped secure her future. With acceptances from multiple colleges, Analise had the opportunity to choose between potential schools like the University of Alabama Huntsville, Elon and Florida Institute of Technology being amongst her options. Ultimately, Analise has decided to attend the Naval Academy, her top choice, where she'll pursue an Aerospace Engineering degree.

With life as a college student quickly approaching, Analise feels thankful for her Lausanne experience and shares a sweet message to those who helped make her next chapter possible: "I would like to thank all of my teachers and coaches for helping me grow into my skin!"

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 16:00