Senior Profile: Andrew Tian '19
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Senior Profile: Andrew Tian '19

Each year Lausanne celebrates International Week, a tradition Andrew Tian ‘19 uses to gain a global minded experience and to engage with different cultures from both students and teachers.  


“International Week is an opportunity for us to celebrate our cultural differences that set Lausanne apart from other schools,” said Andrew.  “I love to try the different homemade foods people bring and do trivia about cultures from around the world.”


Along with his favorite Lausanne tradition, Andrew spends his time participating in a variety of activities and teams such as Varsity Tennis, Knowledge Bowl, Science Bowl and Model United Nations.  


“I like to spend my time practicing my musical instruments and playing tennis with friends,” said Andrew.  “But if I wanted to relax in my own time, I typically read books on my growing list of reading material. I find relaxation in doing things that help expand my skill set.”  


After Andrew graduates from Lausanne, he will be attending the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign as a computer science major with a potential focus in either artificial intelligence (AI) or high-performance computing.  


“I have recently read a book about AI called The Sentient Machine written by Amir Hussain,” said Andrew.  “It is about the potential future of AI and its wide array of applications in the real world. I hope to explore AI as a possibility and I intend to take classes about it.”


Andrew has taken full advantage of his time both in school and outside of school to take on ambitious tasks and learn new skills, and the possibilities are endless for him.  While his time at Lausanne soon comes to an end, Andrew can confidently begin his next chapter of life with a global mindset and the skills he gained as a Lynx.

This senior profile was written by communications intern Isaac Weiss '19.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 08:06