Senior Profile – Anne Rack '21
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Senior Profile – Anne Rack '21

For SGA Vice-President and International Baccalaureate student Anne Rack '20, her journey through Upper School has involved a multitude of academic and extra-curricular experiences that carried her outside her comfort zone and gave her memories she'll cherish for a lifetime. 

"What I love most about being a Lausanne student is the community. I have been going to Lausanne since 5th grade, so I have grown to be very close with my classmates and teachers," said Anne.

Her work as the current vice-president of SGA and member of the organization all four years of high school has given Anne an even greater connection with the community she loves. 

"Being a part of SGA has allowed me to be a community member and engage in the community and leave it better than I found it," said the Lynx senior. "The Lausanne community has made me a better person and shaped who I am and who I will become as I continue college. The connections that I have made in my years at Lausanne have made my time here so fun, and they make me excited to come to school!"

Along with her student government position, Anne has participated in many memorable roles during her Upper School career, including Varsity Captain of the swimming team, Lausanne ambassador, and member of the Make-A-Wish and American Sign Language Club. The senior is also a full IB student and feels the program helped expand her critical thinking horizon. 

"I enjoy the global mindedness aspect of IB the most," said Anne. "I think that it is very easy to get stuck in your perspective and think of issues only pertaining to the compounds of where you live, such as Memphis or the United States. However, IB forces you to leave this mindset and learn about other parts of the world, to which I am very thankful."

When Anne isn't helping guide her classmates and community toward a better tomorrow or preparing for her future through her academic endeavors, one of the senior's favorite Lausanne past times is showcasing her school spirit from the Lynx sidelines. 

"My favorites Lausanne memories are going to sporting events," said Anne. "It has been fun to watch my friends play sports they love and have fun at the games with my other friends. There's nothing like Friday night lights at Lausanne!"

Now that Anne's made her mark on Lausanne and created a lifetime of memories for herself, she has begun preparing for life after graduation. The senior will be heading to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in the fall, to take on college life at Wake Forest University.

"As I look forward to being a university student, I am so glad that I decided to do the IB program," said Anne. "The IB program has taught me how to take on challenging coursework and complete challenging assignments."

Anne also believes the resilience she built in the IB will be beneficial in her college career.

"Another essential thing that the IB program has taught me is how to handle setbacks," said Anne. "I have had many projects that did not go as planned initially, but I have learned how to roll with the punches and keep working and adapting to reach an end product that makes me proud. I  think that this lesson will serve me well as I take more challenging courses in college." 

Although Anne is not sure of the career path she will take, she credits Lausanne with confidence to make the correct decision for herself. 

"I have not chosen a college major yet, which is one of the big reasons why I chose to attend a liberal arts university," said Anne. "It can be intimidating going into college not knowing what you want to do, but because of the educational opportunities I have received at Lausanne, I know that I am capable of working hard and finding my passion."


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