Senior Profile – Dalia Chemaitilly '21
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Senior Profile – Dalia Chemaitilly '21

With graduation a week away, Dalia Chemaitilly '21 is gearing up to begin the next chapter in her life. However, the impact she made on the Lausanne and Memphis community will be remembered long after she walks across the stage. 

As President of the Environmental Club, Dalia promoted environmental awareness and ecological action and helped drive the sustainability efforts on campus. Under her leadership, Dalia helped connect with other Lausanne clubs with a common goal, which resulted in a large group of student volunteers working together to manage and increase the number of gardens on campus. The senior's influence also led to a group of students meeting at the Wolf River Conservancy two weekends a month to tend the gardens and pick up trash along the river. 

"I believe that community engagement is critical because it empowers students to address issues and take the necessary steps to improve the world in which they live," said Dalia. 

Along with her focus on creating a more sustainable world, the Lynx senior helped empower girls to pursue their STEM interests through her work with the Middle School Girls' Robotics team. Dalia's own experience as a robotics team member throughout Middle School inspired her to continue working with the program when she entered ninth grade and every year since. As a mentor for the team, Dalia helped the girls learn how to design, build and program Lego robots to prepare for the Memphis Middle School Mindstorm Competition hosted by the Society of Women Engineers and Medtronic. 

"I value my mentorship with the team because our goal is to stimulate the minds and strengthen bright young women interested in STEM-related fields," said Dalia. "By engaging in the Lausanne Community through my mentorship, I strengthened my leadership, empathy and communication skills. Although I will miss this team of brilliant girls, I am proud to be passing the program to a new generation of mentors."

Having a passion for serving others motivated Dalia to take on various positions at Lausanne over the years, including her role as a Student Ambassador Senior Officer, Co-President of the National History Day Club, an intern for the Down Syndrome Association of Memphis and the Mid-South and a tutor for National Honors Society. 

Dalia's ambition reflected in her classwork as well. As a full IB student, Dalia received more than 20 academic awards and earned inductions into multiple national honors societies. Because of the IB's Core Curriculum and Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) project, Dalia considers herself a well-rounded student and believes her rigorous yet meaningful coursework defined her experience.

"I love that Lausanne encourages its students to challenge themselves," said Dalia. "I  believe that the IB prepares students well in a fast-paced and constantly evolving world through its emphasis on real-world skills such as exploration, analysis, and evaluation. While the IB program is indeed rigorous, the skills and knowledge one gains are unparalleled. These aspects strengthen my understanding within the classroom and ignite in me the curiosity necessary to explore knowledge outside the school, whether it be through my extracurricular activities or community service."

Through all of her extracurricular and academic efforts at Lausanne over the years, Dalia's classmates took notice, which led to her wrapping up her senior year as the 2021 Miss Lausanne, a student-elected and well-deserved title she received for embodying the Lausanne way.

Dalia's next step after graduation will be taking on the University of Pittsburgh, where she will pursue a biomedical engineering degree and undoubtedly have a positive impact on that community as well. 

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 12:41