Senior Profile – Emma Gubin '22
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Senior Profile – Emma Gubin '22

From her first time stepping onto campus in Middle School to being a few months shy of graduation, Emma Gubin '22 has grown and flourished into a hardworking and accomplished student, lacrosse player and all-around Lynx, and she thanks the Lausanne community that surrounds her. 

"Every single teacher, counselor, and coach at Lausanne has taught me various life lessons that I will carry forward into the rest of my life, making Lausanne unique," Emma Gubin '22 shared. "My gratitude and appreciation towards Coach Cayce is extensive. She has taught me how to thrive through many challenges in my life and has influenced me into the young woman I am today. She has helped me grow into my full potential, and I often find myself in her office seeking advice, feeling comfortable to express my emotions without fear of judgment. I know she is always there for me academically, athletically, and personally."

Along with her ample contributions to Lausanne's girls' lacrosse team, Emma has earned many achievements, including inductions into the National Honor Society and National Mandarin Society and taking on various leadership roles like student ambassador and the Yearbook Design Director. 

"My position as Yearbook Design Director has taught me how to become a leader and a team player simultaneously," Emma said. "I am incredibly proud of the work that I have done and grateful that students all over Lausanne, from Early Childhood to seniors in high school, can appreciate my efforts in the Yearbook. It motivates me to know that my fellow Yearbook members admire my strengths and hold trust in me to design art that portrays how remarkable Lausanne really is."

Becoming a student ambassador was an easy choice for Emma, as she says it allows her to represent the school she loves.

"Being an ambassador means getting to show off my school, which I am grateful for, and I'm very proud that I get to show around students and tell them about everything Lausanne has to offer," Emma said. " I love the opportunity to tour students and talk to parents about how Lausanne has helped me. I hope to share my story and help others choose to come here."

Amongst the accomplishments and leadership positions Emma has taken on, the one that makes her most proud is the one that allowed her to give back. With help from her fellow Lynx Amaya Holland '22 and Alyssa Campbell '22, Emma was able to organize a YMCA women's drive that created a positive impact on the Lausanne and Memphis communities.

"As a team, we found time outside of class to truly make a difference in our community," Emma said. "We collaborated with the varsity women's lacrosse team to make bags for the women's shelter, which included necessities inaccessible for these women and contained inspiring notes to uplift them. I am extremely fortunate for this opportunity since this cause means a lot to me. The awareness I was able to spread throughout the lacrosse team was inspiring, and I knew I had made a difference. As I finished the women's drive, I reflected on how blessed I was at Lausanne and how important it is to give back to my community when the opportunity arises."

Now that the Lynx senior has made her mark on Lausanne, she hopes to take on her next big adventure at Ohio State, Wisconsin or Indiana, where she plans to major in business. As she prepares for life after graduation, Emma reflects on the courses and campus environment that shaped her future path.  

"I think that every one of my classes has prepared me in different ways for life and a global environment outside of Lausanne," Emma said. "I have learned to better communicate with my teachers and peers, which I know I will need in college. Over my years at Lausanne, I've learned that talking to teachers and asking for help is ok. I think that outside of Lausanne, I will be able to better communicate with people if I need help and better communicate with professors. I believe my educational experience at Lausanne has prepared me in many different ways for the future. Lausanne has taught me life lessons I will never forget."

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