Senior Profile: Hana Farooq '23
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Senior Profile: Hana Farooq '23

Senior Hana Farooq '23 is a full IB student who has been involved in lacrosse, cheerleading, and many other afterschool activities during her 13 years at Lausanne. She attributes her ability to balance academics and extracurriculars to Lausanne's rigorous academics. Hana not only contributed to the athletic program but the Student Government Association in leadership positions as well. She will remember all of the caring teachers that helped her through her years at Lausanne. Hana is deciding between the University of Michigan, Case Western Reserve University, and the University of Washington to pursue a career in nursing.

What are your extracurriculars/clubs?

 I am involved in a variety of extracurriculars! I have played lacrosse and been on the cheerleading team all of high school, as well as done community and school service like being a student ambassador, a part of the Lynx Serve club, and others like HOSA and newspaper club. I have also taken some leadership positions through the SGA at Lausanne and clubs outside of school!

Where would you like to go to college?

I am not fully decided right now, but I will be attending the University of Michigan, Case Western Reserve University, or the University of Washington. 

What is your favorite memory at Lausanne?

 My favorite memory at Lausanne is cheering on the sidelines at Friday night football games!

How has Lausanne helped prepare you for the future?

Lausanne’s rigorous academics has helped prepare me for my academic future and has taught me how to take accountability and initiative to work toward my goals. On top of academics and management skills, Lausanne’s diverse environment and the student body have allowed me to engage and interact with people from all different backgrounds, which has prepared me for the real world!

Anything else you would like to say or let people know?

 I love the Lausanne community, especially the caring teachers I have had throughout my years here'

This senior profile was created by communications intern Mia-Miracle Craig. 


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