Senior Profile: Henry Clayton '19
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Senior Profile: Henry Clayton '19

Henry Clayton ‘19 has been a part of the Lausanne community for 15 years, and over the years Lausanne has helped Henry work hard and be prepared for his future.  

“Throughout my time at Lausanne, I have always appreciated the work ethic the curriculum has instilled in me,” said Henry.  “Being a student who has always favored the social sciences, the ability to take English, business and economics while finding a science that played to my strengths (design tech) helped me succeed throughout high school.”

Henry will be continuing his studies at The University of the South, also known as Sewanee, majoring in political science with potential minors in economics and film studies.  

As Henry goes to college this fall, an important part of his decision came from his experiences at Lausanne.  

"My college choice has an emphasis on small class sizes and discussion-based classes,” said Henry.  “Being in a small school internment like that of Lausanne is something that is essential for my next destination.”  

Along with Henry’s time in the classroom, are the fun experiences that came throughout his 15 years, one of which being Artsfest Sportsfest, a school-wide break from classes to go outside and participate in activities or just hang out with friends.  

“Artsfest Sportsfest is a time when the whole school is so unified and casual,” said Henry.  “It’s just nice seeing everyone in such a different context, together.” 

Henry is happy choosing Sewanee will allow him to bring his favorite aspects of Lausanne with him and as he experiences school traditions like Artsfest Sportsfest for the final time, he feels honored to be a Lynx and thankful for the memories he will carry with him to college.

This senior profile was written by Communications Intern Isaac Weiss '19

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 08:26