Senior Profile – Jazmin Bolden '21`
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Senior Profile – Jazmin Bolden '21`

If you ask Jazmin Bolden '21 about her time at Lausanne, her response reflects an abundance of love-filled experiences.

"I love the school and the programs afforded to me, but most of all, I love the community," said Jazmin. "I love the personability of the teachers, eating lunch on the field with my friends, and laughing super hard when we get off-topic in class. I love going to hang out with the kids in the junior kindergarten and playing games, and I love the atmosphere and the family around the campus."

Jazmin's journey as a Lynx began when she was a sophomore, and the senior says the type of environment embraced across campus solidified her decision to join the Lausanne community. 

"I came to Lausanne from a predominantly white school," said Jazmin. "The diversity of Lausanne is what helped me decide to go here and I cherish being a part of this community." 

Throughout her time in Upper School, Jazmin has forged many meaningful relationships and engaged in multiple opportunities through her extracurriculars. Over the years, the Lynx student has been an essential part of the Varsity Girls Soccer team. She has also been a part of Lausanne's Junior Partnership program, helping eighth-graders transition smoothly into a collaborative culture and a vital member of Deca, earning  1st place at the Entrepreneurship Challenge District Champion. 

The senior's academic endeavors keep her busy as well. As a full IB Diploma candidate, Jazmin believes the workload and time commitment of the rigorous program has prepared her for life after graduation. 

"Taking the IB, you are driven to find a balance between social life and schoolwork," said Jazmin. "No one tells you to complete your work in college, but you will be influenced to socialize, and the IB has prepared me to be able to manage myself and the potential workload."

Through the IB, Jazmin has also expanded her world views.

"One thing I like about the IB, overall, is how I am constantly gaining new perspectives and outlooks through the curriculum," said Jazmin. "This is also extended through community engagements. Through my Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) project, I feel like I have engaged with both the Lausanne community and the greater Memphis community on a level that I would never have experienced if I had not participated in this program."

For the Lynx student's CAS project, she and Beren Rogers '21 started a donation drive where the students collected school supplies and winter clothing for a local homeless shelter and the children at Crump Elementary School. 

"The best part of this experience was that we got to incorporate the Lower School here at Lausanne to help bring donations and to package the supplies," said Jazmin. "This not only helped me engage with the Memphis community but also the campus community. Engaging with the lower schoolers allowed us to share this experience and include them in such a meaningful project."

As Jazmin wraps up her senior year at Lausanne and prepares for her future at the University of Michigan, she leaves rising freshman with some words of wisdom:

"My advice to Lausanne freshman is to enjoy all the Upper School privileges and take advantage of them," said Jazmin. "I'm so glad that I lived my first two years at Lausanne, sophomore and junior, to the fullest because I do not feel like I have lost as much due to the pandemic."

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:00